Wafer Probing Final Test Burn-in System Level Testing (SLT) Back end service

KYEC provides a wide range of test platforms for wafer probe / testing solutions. The probing temperature ranges from -55 ° C to 150 ° C with capability of handling 5, 6, 8 & 12" wafers. The production is classified to class 100 for CIS/CCD products and class 1k for other products.

Other services available:

  • Laser Repair
  • Wafer Level Burn In
  • Wafer Level Cycling

Probe Card In-house Maintenance:

  • Cantilever, Vertical or MEMS Probe Cards
  • High Parallelism Probe Cards up to 256 DUT
  • High Pin Count Probe Cards over 20,000 probes
  • Fine Pitch Probe Card: min pitch 49um
  • Probe Card Analyzer: PRVX3/4, PB6500

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