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Supplier Management

KYEC aims to meet customer satisfaction as the ultimate objectives and its management philosophy is projected to work closely with suppliers. Under the corporate social responsibility in a globally intense supply chain, the Company is devoted to promote corporate social responsibility to the affiliated supplier groups with the following key issues:

  1. Quality and product safety assurance.
  2. Green Material Purchase.
  3. Compliance with laws/regulations and social norms.
  4. Assure the information security of suppliers.
  5. Commitment of performance in Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct(RBA)

KYEC is committed to the maintenance of long-term cooperation with domestic or foreign suppliers by co-establishing a sustainable supply chain with stable development. Apart from considering the product quality, delivery and price from the suppliers, KYEC also advocates the suppliers to implement green environment, improve safety and hygiene, value human rights, and collectively fulfill the corporate social responsibility in addition to preparing for risk management and operational sustainability plans.

KYEC requires all suppliers to strictly comply with quality management system, environmental safety and hygiene management system, and Authorized Economic Operator appraisal. The supplier procurement procedures require the review on supplier criteria, including company profile, relevant certificates, quality certification records, environmental safety and hygiene management survey, operational status, product information, manufacturing procedures, raw materials / materials supplier and operation with continual finance management, signing of procurement obligation related contracts, supplier’s Green Product Management, and supplier’s social responsibility one by one. Moreover, the procedures require the suppliers to sign the commitment of performance in Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct for corporate social responsibility management.

To enhance the overall competitiveness of the supply chain, KYEC not only conducts routine supplier audit but includes supplier quality, cost, service level, environmental protection, work safety and technology as well as other factors into the items of evaluation. In addition to assuring the quality level, KYEC also helps suppliers to find the root cause to supply related anomaly issues, providing necessary counseling when needed so that KYEC’s supplier chain can be maintained at the best competitiveness.

Green Logistics

To cooperate with the Company’s environmental protection policy, KYEC concurrently advocates for green procurement in supply chain and integrates the green supply chain providing services to customers. Upholding to the corporate social responsibility and mission, KYEC understand that the biggest impact on the environment lies on the waste gas emission produced from transport and the use of resource. In view of this, KYEC starts controlling the delivery vehicles through GPS since 2005 and advocates for the significance of idling impact on the environment since 2013 by informing the correct driving style to save fuel costs and the reduction and reuse of packaging materials in the supply chain. KYEC eventually lowers the adverse impact of logistic operations on the environment with the following major benefits:

  1. Optimize collection/delivery routes
    Improving transport efficiency and lowering the costs of transport charges and waste for costs of unnecessary routes through reasonable planning for vehicles routes in order to effectively solve the problems with chaotic transport movement and mitigating the congestion for environmental protection.
  2. Reduce rides and fuel
    Reviewing the fuel cost and idling situations each month and studying the optimal routes by integrating rides and adjusting vehicle shifts, which will reduce the number of rides and fuel costs, lower CO2 emission, and thereby scale down the impact on the environment.

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