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KYEC offers a complete range of test platforms that meets the needs of CIS product testing requirement. Our solutions include CMOS Image Sensor, DPS/EMBED DRAM Image Sensor, Charge-coupled Device (CCD) Image Sensor, high resolution Image Sensor, high speed Image Sensor and high integration SOC Image Sensor. The end product applications that we support are digital cameras, cellular Phones and Video recorder.

KYEC has vast experience with CMOS high resolution devices and is capable of developing test program, probe card and load board design & development. The test solutions include:

  • Pupil module solution
  • CSP FT test solution
  • High parallelism test solution for area image sensor
  • Low temperature test solution
  • Light sensor

A complete range of test platforms are available to support a full range of CIS /CCD test requirements.





IP750EMP / IP750EX

100MHz / 200MHz

KYEC in-house designed test platform

I1000 / I2000 / I6000 / I7000

100MHz / 200MHz / D-Phy 3.0Gbps /            C-Pphy 1.5Gsps / HISPI 1.5Gbps

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