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Perfect learning road map

Based on the academic qualifications of colleagues, duties and classes, helps colleagues to learn and grow with a purposeful, organized and systemcatic process, and gradually enrich various professional knowledge and skill.

Professional machine training course

According to the features of the machines, we arrange varies of courses for employees like OJT teaching, practical courses, etc. With the experience of personal work, the actual combat technology is continuously upgraded to help you become KYEC's engineering and technical experts.

Inheritance of leadership management

Cultivate supervisors with management concepts, behaviors, skills and culture, and provide relevant training resources to enhance leadership. From the responsibility and leadership skills of the grassroots supervisors to the strategic planning courses of senior executives, KYEC has a systematic plan that will gradually develop you into a high-level leader.

Diverse language courses

In response to the international customer trends, the promotion of language proficiency is an important training program. We introduce external professional language institutions with English and Japanese training courses to improve communication skills with customers and the competitiveness of employees.

Systematic quality course

Cooperate with CIP activities to provide employees with systematic steps and tools to learn quality-related techniques, and improve the practical ability. Through in-house expert coaching and mentoring, engineers are encouraged to participate in internal and external competitions to create work value and enhance work efficiency.

Training system combined with promotion system

We improve the work ability of employees by providing cross-departmental cooperation or project opportunities, cooperating with colleagues in different fields, arranging training courses for new positions. Increase team performance with the ability enhancement of each employee.

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