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Diverse Employment Channels

“Using right person for the right position and using local materials.” KYEC offers a diversity of employment channels with emphasis on thriving local economy. KYEC also upholds to protection and giving feedback by creating more employment opportunities for Hsinchu and Miaoli area. Local employees are giving priority in consideration for employment and currently the number of employees from Hsinchu and Miaoli account for nearly 66% of total employees.

Meanwhile, we profoundly believe the outstanding employees are the biggest assets of KYEC and hence we are committed to provide recruitment process in conformity with laws and regulations in addition to maintaining human rights without employing child labor and will not give preferential treatment due to race, social ranking, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, labor union qualification, political party, or age difference.

Systematic Education Training

KYEC adopts right person for the right position in terms of talent development by constructing a complete and explicit training system and system operation. The diverse training solution and incentive system are designed to assure training quality effect and function of strengthening human resource development. 


Total Employee Care

KYEC cares for the physical and mental health of employees by promoting health advocacy that assures the physical and mental health of employees. Apart from setting up specialist physicians, KYEC also cooperates with the psychological outpatient of major hospital for psychologists to visit the factory and provide services. Additionally, the "employee care network" offers a diversity of activity designs for employees to relax or develop proper entertainment after work.



Selection, Education, Appointment, and Retention

The aforementioned complete “Selection, Education, Appointment, and Retention” related human resource management policy allows employees to bring their skills into full play at workplace and collaborate with KYEC in creating a win-win future.

KYEC introduced RBA in 2010, including the five sections in labor, health and safety, environment, corporate ethics, and management system. KYEC fully complies with the laws and regulations as well as RBA code of conducts from the country where the operation office is located. KYEC also request the next-level supplier to understand and implement in order to assure the safe working environment to be provided by the company and the suppliers, so that employees can receive respect and dignity with commitment for the enterprise to undertake environmental protection responsibility in management and comply with code of ethics.

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