Equipment Development Development of spare parts and test program Automation Control Vertical Probe Card (VCPC)

For the purpose of effectively enhancing the yield and efficiency of product testing, and reducing the costs of key parts and relevant equipment, KYEC has established professional teams to develop in-house designed automation control technologies, technologies for manufacturing key equipment parts and advanced machining processes. The following cutting-edge technologies have been developed:

  • In-house designed strip test and MEMS test solution have been conducted. We design automated equipment to improve in-house equipment and create favorable product testing environments.
  • Development of Auto Exchanger, T&R Machine and low temperature testing system to meet the needs of production line for equipment improvements.
  • In-house designed key parts such as Chang kit, Docking and Hi-Fix were developed to achieve rapid, simple and stable operating procedures on the production lines.
  • Development of other key parts such as K-PIN, Pogo Tower, Socket, Hinge and Manipulator. Relevant equipment was integrated, key parts were designed and developed, and production abnormalities were analyzed and eliminated.
  • Development of machine components and coating technologies which includes: K-PIN processing technology, equipment performance improvement, cooperation with third-party manufacturers for development of processing technology and manufacturing process, multiple improvement to increase output and save production costs.

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