WLCSP (Wafer level chip scale package) High Power Burn-in KYEC Bio Chip Testing

King Yuan ELECTRONICS CO. (KYEC) possesses the capability and technology to test biochip. KYEC R&D teams comprise members of biomedical, electrochemistry, electromechanical and other professionals. KYEC collaborates with a famous domestic national university on a cooperation project of biochip testing technology research and development. By the cooperation of industry and academics to integrate the R&D capabilities to develop biomedical testing technology. Until now KYEC has applied patents and published paper in cooperation with famous domestic national university on biochip testing related technical at home and abroad. We expect to improve our R & D capability and keep our leading role in the field globally by developing the biomedical chip testing technology.

Biochip testing methods is very different from the traditional methods of the testing industry. In addition to using liquid to test chip characteristics, some biochips even required big data processing, high-speed signal transmission and other technical requirements. KYEC possess sufficient capacity and technology in self-made testing module and technology integration. Through our ample testing experience in CIS mass production, KYEC has adequate confidence to overcome the further challenge.

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