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  • 886-37-595666
  • No. 118, Chung-Hua Rd., Ms 8111, Chu-nan, Miao-Li 350, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  1. Take the train to northbound, after exiting Zhunan Railway Station,  use the following methods:
    • A. Transfer to taxi, about 10 minutes drive, the fare is about NTD 220.
    • B. Take the Miaoli transport (buy ticket at the grocery store opposite the train station) and get off at the head office (NTD 22). About 10 minutes drive, get off at Toufen terminal station, buy ticket at the counter seller to Dapu (NTD 22) Wait at platform 1, about 10 minutes drive, get off at Dapu.
  2. Take the train to southbound, after exiting the station at Hsinchu Train Station, you can buy ticket at Hi-life store for Tai Po (or the coin-operated coin) (take the bus of Miaoli to Toufen) on the opposite side of the train. By car, the fare is NTD 42.
  3. Take the Guoguang Bus (Taipei Station or Banqiao Station), get off at Toufen Terminal station, transfer to the bus opposite Miaoli to Hsinchu, get on the bus and get off at Ding Taipu, about 10 minutes drive, fare NTD 20.
  4. If you drive yourself, you can come as shown on the map (please go to Zhongshan Gaoshou Interchange or Ergaoxiangshan Interchange)

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