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KYEC formulates Articles of Incorporation, “The Regulations of Corporate Governance,” and company organization structure following Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies,” and relevant regulations. Shareholders’ meeting and Board of Directors are on the top of the Company corporate governance structure. Shareholders can exercise their voting rights through Shareholders' Meeting electronic voting platform, to involve the decision-making process of critical operations and further enhance the convenience of shareholders' participation in shareholders’ meeting. Every proposal is voted sequentially in the meeting, and resolutions are recorded in the meeting minute, to make the operation be under the highest standard of corporate governance. The Company sets up the Audit Committee and Compensation Committee through authorizing by the Board of Directors, to assist the Board performs its supervisory responsibilities.

Board of the Directors Compensation Committee Audit Committee Critical resolutions made by Board of Directors in recent years

The Company established the Audit Committee in 2014 pursuant to the Security Exchange Act and the resolutions of general shareholders’ meeting. The Board of the Directors also developed the “Audit Committee Organization Articles of Association” to maintain better decisions and organization execution, constantly enhancing corporate management efficiency and implementing corporate governance through realistic actions. KYEC Audit Committee is called for at least once quarterly to bring the supervision effect on the various scopes of corporate governance and corporate operational development into full play, thereby implementing corporate governance, sound supervisory function and strengthening management scheme. The Audit Committee members will also help investor with assurance of company reliability in terms of corporate governance and information transparency, thereby protecting the rights and interests of the shareholders.

The Audit Committee of KYEC consists of three members.

  • Name
  • Appointed on
  • Main current job
  • Remarks
  • Hui-Chun Hsu
  • 2020.06.10
  • 1. Member of Compensation Committee and Audit Committee
  • Convener and Chairperson
  • Dar-Yeh Hwang
  • 2020.06.10
  • Member of Compensation Committee and Audit Committee
  • Member
  • Semi Wang
  • 2020.06.10
  • Member of Compensation Committee and Audit Committee
  • Member

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