e-Fab e-Business

KYEC's e-Business protocol, enhances our business efficiencies'.. Our e-Business model is designed solely dedicated to our customers' needs, providing feedback and direct advice at all the stages of the testing process.

Customers will be able to monitor the progress of their products as they progress through the testing stages. Real-time test analysis and result data can be accessed remotely using our customized online tracking service. Never has it been so easy to keep up to date with the test data that are being delivered by our customers' devices.

In addition should customers have any queries or require advice on any of the data, KYEC shall provide the facility to communicate directly with an experienced engineer who can provide instant feedback and expert guidance.

Time is money in the IC business and KYEC fully acknowledge this fact and we consider it vital that our customers are kept informed of how their products devices are progressing hence that test results or engineering queries are answered immediately. KYEC's e-Business protocol that gives you the information you need, when you need it.

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