KYEC has developed advanced WLCSP testing technologies. We used POGO Pin to contact WLCSP and conduct testing. When press tests are conducted on WLCSP packages, a depth of 200µm can be reached. Thus, the design enables WLCSP packages to be adjusted to the variations in package solder ball sizes. Additionally, we successfully developed 128 site test solutions and the products are currently in mass production.


In the future, WLCSP will be used in backend services and will become more crucial in the development of high-order backend packaging processes. This is because FT specifications will be tested directly in the CP environment. Handler (small IC) mechanism modules should be developed to reduce the testing time and costs on the client end, as well as accessory production costs at the testing factories. KYEC will be a vital player in this significant technological competition.



  WLCSP Testing Achievement

   128 sites parallel testing is successful.

   Pogo pin container & PCB & interface are all developed by KYEC.

   Several CSP products are in production.

   128 sites parallel testing is developing.

   Cost? Very effective compare to other vertical type probe card.


   KYEC design POGO Pin Contact for WLCSP. The overdrive capability up 200um could overcome WLCSP ball high variation

Item Specification
Bump pitch 500 μm
Probe Area 45mm x 30 mm
Tip planarity ± 20 μm
Temperature range -40℃ ~ 120 ℃
Contact Site 128 Site
Solder Ball Diameter 250 μm
XY accuracy ± 50 μm