KYEC in-house designed testers: the most cost-effective test platform and solutions

A cost effective, high throughput logical test solution

Open architecture, easy to expand and maintain

200MHz architecture (since 2H11)

Cost efficiency/ Multi site test

Easy to test program development

Small foot print: L820 x W660 x H400

The solutions made possible by KYEC in-house designed testers offer unique and differentiated professional testing outsourcing services for the global semiconductor industry, thereby reducing total testing expenses substantially. Hence, the products of our clients can be launched immediately and at competitive costs.


The KYEC in-house designed test platform fully integrates machine performance, mechanism interfaces, and system programs. In addition to its technological edge, the design features a full integration of production technologies of key parts (e.g., machinery and equipment spare parts) and the development and innovation of software and hardware interfaces. This integration can enhance production efficiency and output effectively. This is a comprehensive test solution that yields compatibility (flexibility) and expansibility (customization).


Initially, the KYEC in-house designed test platform primarily provided product testing services featuring mixed-signal, power management IC, and RF. These services were based on logic and analog test modules designed specifically for the platform. Currently, the platform has been expanded, featuring high-speed test module mechanisms (e.g., MEMS-G/P sensor and CMOS module) and the design and development of key technologies and parts (e.g., technologies for developing and manufacturing strip handlers, and the design and development of VCPC high-frequency test boards). In the future, KYEC research teams will develop comprehensive logic IC testing technologies.

KYEC research teams comprise hundreds of professional engineers, who independently develop advanced semiconductor testing technologies and possess knowledge of relevant machine part manufacturing technologies.


KYEC has been researching in-house designed machines since 2002. Initially, KYEC researchers independently developed machine testing solutions based on logic testing. The result was welcomed by vital clients and successfully integrated into mass production.


Since 2007, KYEC researchers have engaged in research to develop in-house designed machine test solutions that use CIS chips. In 2012, KYEC released 200-MHz testing technology. In the future, the company will continue its efforts to develop high-order test machines.

Following the development of an in-house designed testing machine solution, a 200-MHz application machine has been developed. This design can satisfy the testing needs of more than 95% of the medium- and low-order logic products in the world. Products being mass produced currently are as follows:

Audio, Base band, Bluetooth, Card controller, CIS, Consumer, Digit-TV, DVD,LCD Driver, Toy, MCU, MP3 Codec, OA, OM, PC Cam, Power, RF_IC, Sata, USB2.0/USB3.0/PCIE3.0


The KYEC in-house designed testing machine solution was initiated and led by the professional testing technology team at the company. The team has the capacity to shift flexibly between test platforms, enabling clients to convert products from an originally designated test platform to an in-house designed machine. The following technologies and capabilities are involved: software and hardware testing programs and equipment conversion, and interface migration and the ability to self-manufacture relevant parts. Thus, comprehensive and integrated backend testing services are provided for clients. Examples of successful conversion and mass production include the following:

HP93K, HP83K

J750, Flex

D10 , Sapphire, SC312 , ASL1000,ITS9000CV

NDx, TS 6700, V7

V50, TR60x0 , Chroma, SCUD , AMIDA, L5710 , C9551


MEMS IC Testing Solution