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King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (KYEC) is staffed with hundreds of professional researchers and has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge semiconductor technologies. Over the years, KYEC has continuously invested resources in developing technologies that enable our clients to reduce testing expenses, enhance production efficiency, and increase test yields.


For example, methods for converting between programs used on various test platforms, enhancing testing procedures, improving data reading and calculation skills, and reducing testing time were well developed to decrease the testing expenses borne by clients.


Simultaneously, KYEC management provides full support for researching and developing automated test and production equipment, improving component performance and flexibility, and conducting electromechanical integration.


To reduce the gap between product development and mass production, KYEC staff members cooperate actively to achieve project goals and accelerate product launches for clients. At KYEC, diverse test solutions are being created constantly to overcome problems that arise during test procedures. The research teams focus on the process development in the semiconductor industry and the market development trend of electronics end products. Thus, KYEC assumes an advantage in the market for advanced testing technologies.


In the future, KYEC will continue its efforts to develop core testing technologies and high-frequency logic and mixed-signal test methods.


In addition, techniques for mass producing high-speed test mechanisms such as MEMS-G/P sensor modules will be developed. KYEC staff members are committed to the design and manufacture of strip handlers as well as key technologies and parts such as VCPC high-order test PCB. High and low temperature product tests are conducted to ensure the high quality of overall R&D performance and of the application services that KYEC offers.


At KYEC, we are devoted to cooperating with clients actively, building optimal partnerships with our clients, and increasing market share.