To effectively enhance the yield and efficiency of product testing, and reduce the costs of key parts and relevant equipment, KYEC established professional teams to develop in-house designed automation control technologies, technologies for manufacturing key equipment parts, and advanced machining processes. The following cutting-edge technologies have been developed:


  • In-house designed strip test development and MEMS test solution development was conducted to design automated process equipment, improve in-house automated equipment, and create product testing environments.


  • Auto exchanger, T&R machine, and cryogenic systems were developed to satisfy production line needs, develop equipment, and improve in-house equipment.


  • Process improvement project: In-house designed key parts such as Chang kit, Docking, and Hi-Fix were developed to achieve rapid, simple, and stable operating procedures on the production lines.


  • Development of other key parts: K-PIN, Tower, Socket, Hinge, Light Source, and Manipulator. Relevant equipment was integrated, key parts were designed and developed, and production abnormalities were analyzed and eliminated.


  • Workpiece material and coating development/relevant processing technology and process development, including K-PIN processing technology and process development, equipment performance improvement, collaborating with vendors to develop processing technologies and processes, improving output and procedures from diverse approaches, and reducing production costs.