The in-house burn-in oven at KYEC can provide diverse burn-in production services, ranging from the early CPU products, TFT boards, and video game console products to the memory products, power source IC, automotive IC, and LED ICs of today.


The in-house burn-in test solution offered at KYEC was used to develop testing models that feature single carrier boards, regional carrier board, or all carrier platforms. The current technological capacity of KYEC enables us to perform special grouping burn-in tests. The cutting-edge burn-in process capability is applicable to logic products, CPU, and chipsets. The unique burn-in oven can satisfy diverse client needs. The pre-burn-in test capacity of KYEC makes us a world leader in the industry.


For example, KYE680 is a monitor burn-in system featuring logic design. IC signals can be monitored during burn-in tests. This machine has been used at KYEC for many years. The advantages are excellent quality, easy operation, and cost effectiveness. Furthermore, platform flexibility is superior. This system has yielded considerable production efficiency for our clients and is also one of our clients’ most preferred pieces of equipment.



  What Is The Challenge of High Power Burn In?

   High current causes the problem of thermal control.

   Voltage drop impacts the B/I quality, and low care voltage makes it even worse.

   High current limits the density on board, the throughput is low and cost is high.


  Architecture of Socket Solution

   Stanford O/T socket

   Customized H/S

   Individual thermal module

   Individual power module

   Individual DC converter