KYEC has the capability to provide the complete range of testing, diagnosis, verification, characterization and debugging services for complex SOC devices such as ASIC and ASSP. Our highly efficient testing processes are performed block by block to ensure 100% electrical testing. We have the capability of specifying the test speed, fault coverage, diagnostic options and test time to ensure that all operating conditions are reproduced and all faults exposed and fully debugged.

A complete range of test platforms are available to support a full range of SOC test requirements.

Vendor Model Speed(MHz)
Advantest V93000 200/400/533/660/800/1000/1600/3600/9000Mbps
T2000 500/800Mbps
LTX-Credence Quartet I+ 200MHz
D10/DiamondX 200Mbps
ITS3000 EXA 400 MHz
Sapphire 400 MHz
Teradyne Catalyst 200,400MHz
Integra Flex 200MHz
Ultra Flex 800/1000/1600Mbps
J750/J750EX 100MHz/200MHz