KYEC's RF IC test solutions can help optimize cost, and performance for our customers’ products and provide RF design services to improve cycle time. Our solutions include WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n, WLAN combo solutions, MAC, Baseband, RF IC, RF SOC, RF Mixed-signal, Cellular Phone type applications such as GPRS, CDMA RF Chip, Complete Transceivers, Integrated Transmitters, IQ Modulators & Demodulators, PA, LNA, Mixers, Switches, VCO, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Ultra Wide Band (UWB). By utilizing the specialized RF platform and software, KYEC are able to offer the most competitive cost structure for RF IC test solutions compared to our competitors.

KYEC's skilled technical teams provide the capability to support your most demanding testing requirements for RF IC products. These services includes:

Radio System Integration

Feasibility studies for cost and performance

Evaluation board design service

Circuit design and characterization

Process definition

A complete range of test platforms are available to support a full range of RF test requirements.

Vendor Model Speed(MHz)
Advantest V93000 Port scale RF 533/800/1600Mbps
T2000 500/800Mbps
LTX-Credence ASL3000 RF 50MHz
Fusion CX 66MHz
Fusion MX 200MHz
Teradyne Catalyst RF 200,400MHz
Integra Flex RF 200MHz
Ultra Flex RF 800/1000/1600Mbps
KYEC in-house tester E320 200MHz