Test platform at KYEC are continuously expanded and engineering services are available for the following Memory applications such as Flash Memory – NOR and NAND types, Mask-ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, DRAM, SDRAM, RDRAM, DDRI & DDRII, SRAM, Pseudo SRAM and Memory Embedded ICs. The end product applications that we provide support for are Cellular phones, DSC, DV, Games Console, DRAM modules, MP3, Smart Cards, PC and PC peripherals.

A complete range of test platforms are available to support a full range of Memory IC test requirements.

Vendor Model Speed(MHz)
Advantest T5334/T5335/T5365 30/60MHz
T5371 70MHz
T5771 100MHz
T5377 143MHz
T5581/85 250/500MHz
Advantest Versa Test V1000 10MHz
V2100 10MHz
V3300 20MHz
V4400 100MHz
LTX-Credence Kalos XW 50MHz
Kalos II 100MHz
PK/II 100MHz