At KYEC our impressive range of Logic and Mixed Signal IC testing services include 10MHz / 128 pins to over 9Gbps / 2048 pins. These test solutions are applicable for Audio/Video, ODD IC's, Chipset, xDSL, MB/GB Ethernet, MAC, PHY, BB, MCU, AC/DC Converter, Embedded Controllers, LVDS, USB and Firewire.

A complete range of test platforms are available to support a full range of Logic & Mixed-Signal test requirements.

Vendor Model Speed(MHz)
Advantest HP83000 120/330MHz
V93000 200/400/533/660/800/1000/1600/3600/9000Mbps
T6575 125MHz
T6577 250MHz
T6672/6673/6682 500MHz/1GHz
T2000 250/500/800Mbps
LTX-Credence D10/DiamondX 200Mbps
ITX3000 EXA 400MHz
Sapphire 400MHz
Teradyne J750/J750EX 100MHz/200MHz
Catalyst 200/400MHz
Integra Flex 200MHz
Ultra Flex 800/1000/1600Mbps
KYEC in-house tester E320 200MHz