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Design-to-Test Solutions Provider

KYEC's capability includes complete solutions to reduce customers' design-to-test , to volume production, time to market and cycle time .

The flexibility KYEC offers to meet your product introduction & implementation includes:

  • more Test Program Development & Product Characterization KYEC's Test Development & Technology Service team offers Innovative Research & Test Engineering skills second to none in the testing industry.
    KYEC's unique capability to be involved in the initial design phase of the product enables customers' to benefit time - to - market and with cost effective solutions. The range of services available includes: Test Spec Verification Test Program Development Product Characterization Product / Test Correlation Program Release The above services are available through-out the entire test application for: Memory Logic - Digital & Mixed Signal CIS & CCD RF LCD Driver SOC MEMS
  • more Test Platform Conversion KYEC has the capability to accept Verilog HDL , WGL , STIL test pattern formats.
    With KYEC's internally developed tools coupled with the Test Technology Expertise , we are able to convert the various test pattern to the selected test platform. The services available includes: Fault Simulation Test Pattern Synthesis Test Pattern Conversion to selected test platform
  • more Test Hardware Design & Fabrication We offer complete & customized design solutions for probe card, load board and other accessories that as per customers requirement.
    KYEC's services includes: Mechanical & Electrical Design Layout Probe Card Design& Fabrication Load Board Design & Fabrication Test Socket Design & Fabrication Change-over kit Design & Fabrication KYEC also implement full control over accessories by planned maintenance program on all serviceable parts.
  • more Test Data Management KYEC has the capability to build customized data feedback system to automatically transfer data to customer. These data are kept securely for a minimum of 3 years and longer on customers' request.
    KYEC IT Team provides the following key services: Remote Access
    Thus allowing customers to log to testers work station to perform debug / repair / upload functions.
    Auto FTP and E-fab
    Test data are transferred via FTP periodically or customers can log on using the log on username & password to directly access their data under KYEC's e-Fab server.
  • more Test Data/ Yield Analysis KYEC deploy 3 methods to monitor the process...
    Conventional Travel Card
    All items as per customers yield criteria are checked and data logged manually.
    On-Line Monitoring System (OMS)
    Automatic monitoring of yield ,SBC and site –unbalance in wafer base that triggers instruction steps to alert operator to trouble shoot.
    CP System
    KYEC’s main Data Management System provide yield monitoring , data transfer and all other criteria as per customer specs.