At KYEC we offer excellent own brand burn-in oven, for burn in services covering Monitoring Burn-In(MBI), Dynamic Burn-In (DBI) and Testing During Burn-In (TDBI). Our burn-in services cover most of the products and packages including EDODRAM, SDRAM, SGRAM, SRAM, DDR, Flash, Memory Cards, EPROM, Embedded Memory, SIP, SOC's and ASIC's. Our specialized equipment includes auto-loader/unloader, lead scanners, lead reformers and Burn-in systems.

IC Burn-In System

Type Model Channels/ Slots
MBI KYE-600 180 56
MBI/Logic KYE-680 180 56

Wafer Level Burn-In System

Model Vendor V.M. Rate Pins
P2000 JEC 32K 10MHz 512

KYEC are able to provide extra service for BIB/kit design and test program development to support our customers.