KYEC has the capability to provide a dedicated Pre-Assembly Service (PAS) to our customers. We offer a total solution for Wafer Grinding, Wafer Dicing and Waffle Pack or Wafer on Ring . Our solutions support for Wafer-to-Wafer , Laser Mark, Tape & Reel, WLP, F/C, COG, COB ,KGD and a full range of LCD Drivers. We also offer 100% visual inspection of all dice in waffle pack. Pre-Assembly services are performed in class 100 clean room.

  • Wafer Grinding KYEC provides wafer grinding services for silicon wafers, including gold and solder bumped wafers. Our core strengths are on wafer grinding includes: Grinding thickness: Mass Production: 4 mils for 6”wafers, 2 mils for 8” wafers and 12” wafers Engineering capability: 2 mils for 6” wafers, 1.5 mils for 8” wafers and 12” wafers.
  • Wafer Dicing The services available at KYEC consist of single cut through or dual cut for 4”, 5”,6”,8”and 12” wafers .This includes silicon wafer, glass based , sensor, dual material , solder or gold bumped wafers.
  • Waffle Packing KYEC provides waffle pack as part of the Pre-Assembly Services for LCD drivers, KGD and other application with ink or inkless dice (wafer map). KYEC can also offer wafer on ring for RFID and similar applications.