ZKT produces QFN packages in sizes ranging from 3 mm × 3 mm to 10 mm × 10 mm. By using the testing machine E320, designed by KYEC, ZKT provides customers with total solutions. The products involve Touch, FM, power amplifiers for WLAN (PA), WiFi, and USB keys.


Copper Wire Capability

Turnkey Service

QFN(RF) Spec
QFN 48L/56L (7.0×7.0mm)
QFN 16L (3.0×3.0mm)
QFN 28L/20L (4.0×4.0mm)
QFN 32L/40L (5.0×5.0mm)
QFN 40L/48L (6.0×6.0mm)
WSON 8L (5.0×6.0mm)(6.0×8.0mm)
DFN 8L (3.0×3.0mm)
QFN-Multi-Row (7.0×7.0mm 84L)
QFN-Multi-Row (5.0×5.0mm 56L)