ZKT is currently the largest memory card subcontractor in China, offering a set of processing services such as substrate design, packaging, and testing for various types of products including micro SD, UDP, USB, and high-speed serial devices. In addition, in response to the mobile payment solutions that have arisen in China, ZKT also engages in the production of special cards for mobile payment, such as radio-frequency identification (RFID)-SIM, micro SIM, RFID-micro SD, and Nano SIM cards.    


Substrate design capability

4 Die Stack Capability

Ultra-thin wafer Handling Capability

Ultra Short / Long Wire Span Capability

Memory Card Spec
MMC Mobile (21.5×12.7mm)
Mini-IStick (11.2×20mm)
USB COB (11.3×24.8mm)
SIM Card (15×25mm)
MMC Micro (12×14mm)
Sim T-Card (11×15mm)
UDM (13×20mm)
UDP (11.3×24.8mm)
microUDP (11×15mm)
USB 3.0 (11.3×24.8mm)
microSD 3.0 (11×15mm)
Micro SD (11×15mm)
Micro Module (7.8×15mm)
Mini-SD (15×18mm)
Mini-SD Module (15×18mm)
HSSD (21.5×13mm)
FSSD (21.5×27mm)
SIM Card+RF Application (15×25mm)
RF-ID SIM Card (15×25mm)
RF-ID SD Card (11×15mm)
Micro SIM Card (12×15mm)
NanoSIM Card (8.8×12.3mm)