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The Most Cost Effective Test Platform and Solution

KYEC E320 Homemade Tester

Released Device: 1200+

-Audio、Base band、Bluetooth、Card controller、CIS、CCD、AP、Consumer、Digit TV、DVD、MCU、LCD、Driver、MP3、Codec、OA、OM、PC Cam、Power、RF IC、Sata、Toy、USB、MEMS…


A Cost effective, high throughput logic test solution

Unique combination of ATE maker and Testing House experience

Fast turn-around to meet new requirement

Open architecture, easy to expand and maintain

Easy to test program development

Small foot print: L820x W660x H400 (mm)

E320 CP/FT Solution

Wafer Sort

UF3000 prober

P12 prober

P8 prober

UF200 prober

90A prober


Final Test

NS 5000/ 6000/ 7000

HT 8040/ 8080/ 9040

Multi-test serial



Strip (KYEC)