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  1. Social Participation


KYEC has long upheld to “Social Care and Sustainable Development.” Apart from fostering talents with enthusiasm, KYEC also promotes arts and humanities, care for disadvantaged, and social welfare events through constant commitment and paying attention to the schooling difficulties for children in disadvantaged and new immigrant families. Upholding to long-term support for community care, KYEC not only provides corporate sponsorship but also encourages its employees to participate in social welfare events. In 2016, KYEC held 9 welfare events, including arts, sports and education. The company intends to take specific actions in giving corporate feedback to the society and towns through employees’ power, and thereby fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.


KYEC sponsoring “2016 Romance of Osmanthus Town Concert” organized by Miaoli County Government

Miaoli County Government sponsored and KYEC organized the “Romance of Osmanthus Town” concert, inviting six guests including Yin Zheng-Yang, Zhang Xio-Qin, Huang Si-Ting, Ying Ta-Ru, Chen Zhong-Yi, and Huang Shi-Xin, and the Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra. The guests and the orchestra collectively interpreted elegant repertoires in different languages and styles, including Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and English, bringing a harvest of music feast to the participating guests.


Sponsoring 2016 Cai Qin Tour Concert in Taiwan

The last venue for Cai Qin’s tour concert, “Unforgettable Formosa” in Taiwan was held in Miaoli Dome Stadium, where audience filled out all seats. This was the second concert held by Cai Qin in the mountain city of Miaoli. She appreciates the people in Miaoli for their support and passion, which lead to her tour concert in Taiwan in 2016. KYEC was one of the biggest sponsors for the 2016 concert and KYEC Chairman C.K. Lee stated that the holding of Cai Qing’s second concert in Miaoli has been a blessing for the Miaoli fans since the fans do not need to travel out of town but can appreciate her voice at home.


Adopting Wenfeng Elementary School in Zhangshu Village, Tong-luo Township – Shennong Project (2nd Year)

In response to Shennong Program, KYEC has adopted the planning of Roselle in Wenfeng Elementary School in Zhangshu Village, Tong-luo Township. 2016 was the second year for KYEC to continue sponsoring Wenfeng Elementary School with NTD500,000. KYEC Chairman C.K. Lee suggests that since he is a local entrepreneur, KYEC owns a factory in Tong-luo Science Park while one can see KYEC Factory when overlooking from Wenfeng Elementary School. C.K. Lee states that due to the constant food crisis in Taiwan, KYEC intends to let the students cultivate organic crops for a healthy diet and the adoption of Wenfeng Elementary School by KYEC forms an interactive network between the community, enterprise and school.


Sponsoring Miaoli County Table Tennis Association

KYEC sponsors the training funds for Miaoli County Table Tennis Association to develop table tennis players of the new generation, so that Miaoli County athletes can develop in these fields and win credit for the county, in order to retain talents. The sponsorship exhibits KYEC’s support for the sports fields, which not only boosts Taiwan’s international competitiveness and influence in the sports fields but also advocates for national movement in sports to strengthen people’s physique and improve national health.


Sponsoring Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra

KYEC sponsors Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra each year and exhibits its support for music so that the Taiwan public can have more access to experiencing various concerts. As the director of Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra, Chairman C.K. Lee spares no efforts in the promotion of music and arts. Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra has held multiple concerts in 2016, providing people with normal recreation, enhancing humanistic qualities, promoting culture, and providing excellent leisure and entertainment on the weekends.


Industry-Academic Cooperation for Talent Fostering

For years, KYEC has taken actions in implementing the industry-academia training program from the Ministry of Education to promote the seamless connection between the academia and the industry while searching and fostering distinguished talents. KYEC has developed internship programs with multiple schools, including National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, National United University and National Quemoy University in northern, central and southern Taiwan, and even in outlying islands.  Consequently students are able to quickly fit into the workplace and apply their knowledge to practice, find their future positioning and direction in advance, and train the reserve talents for the company in the future.


Employing Visually Impaired Masseurs

Starting from 2008, KYEC has been employing visually impaired masseurs by offering fixed salary. The company also designs a massaging space with a comfortable environment. The service rate for visually impaired masseurs reaches as high as 80% and most employees are quite satisfied with the service. KYEC offers employment for persons with physical and mental disability to strengthen the care for socially disadvantaged, support disadvantaged families with eased financial stress and maintain living stability.


Other Charity Events

KYEC continues to promote care for disadvantages and other welfare events and even encourages employees to participate in social welfare events, taking specific actions in giving corporate feedback to society and towns through employee’s power.