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KYEC has long been committed in “care for society and sustainable development.” KYEC not only actively fosters talents but also launches charities events related to art and care for disadvantaged, with constant devotion and concern in the children of new immigrant families with difficulty in schooling. KYEC upholds to long-term support for community care through corporate sponsoring and encouraging employees to participate in social charity events. KYEC gives corporate feedback to the society and communities through the power of employees and thereby fulfills its corporate social responsibility.


  • Sponsoring Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra

KYEC sponsors Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra every year and exhibits its support for music so that people in Taiwan will have more opportunities to experience different concerts. As the director of Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra, Chairman C.K. Lee spares no efforts in promoting music and art. Last year Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra held multiple concerts to provide people with normal leisure, enhancing the humanistic qualities and promoting cultural atmosphere.


  • Employing Masseurs with Physical and Mental Disability

KYEC started employing visually impaired masseurs in 2008 with fixed salary. KYEC also designs a massage space with cozy environment and the service rate for visually impaired masseurs is about 80%, providing satisfying services to most employees. KYEC offers employment to persons with physical and mental disabilities, strengthens those disadvantaged in the society, supports disadvantaged families with relief of financial stress, and maintains livelihood stability.


  • Enhancing Industry-University Collaboration

For years KYEC has actively implements the industry-university collaborations from the Ministry of education in order to promote the seamless integration between the academia and industry while concurrently seeking and fostering distinguished talents. KYEC has signed internship programs with various schools from norther, central and southern Taiwan to even the outlying islands. For example, KYEC signed the memorandum of understanding for industry-university collaboration with the National Quemoy University on June 4, 2015 to help students experience the workplace early and enhance students’ competitiveness in employment. To meet the internship course requirement for students, KYEC offers students from National Quemoy University the opportunity to intern in KYEC factories in Taiwan and Suzhou in China. The resource from the industry and collaboration with the academia will integrate the practical experience of the industries with the research capacity of the academia in close cooperation, creating a triple-win situation among the enterprise, school and students.


  • Sponsoring Luo Shi-Fong Live Concert

Luo Shi-Fong’s Live Concert was opened in Miaoli Dome and received title sponsorship from KYEC, Miaoli County Magistrate Yao-Chang Hsu appreciated the support from private enterprise so that the county government could help forward this concert without spending any money. KYEC exhibits its support for art and social charity through the sponsorship of this concert, which also provides the experience of high-quality concerts for people in Miaoli.


  • Adopting Shennong Project of Wenfeng Elementary School in Zhangshu Village, Tungluo Township

KYEC adopts Wenfeng Elementary School in Zhangshu Village, Tungluo Township in response to the Shennong Project. Led by the Lovely Taiwan Foundation, the “Organic Miaoli, Shennong Project” is expected to establish the cultural foundation of organic agriculture starting from the elementary schools. The project model consists of schools offering the land and enterprises funding and adopting the elementary schools to offer students with organic lunch, organic course education and farm experience for students. KYEC Tungluo Factory is about 10-minute drive from Wenfeng Elementary School while family members of the company are also teaching in the school. The relationship between both sides is close and expected to guard the community in joint collaboration.


  • Sponsoring Accton Cultural & Educational Foundation-Children’s Healing Center Renovation Project

To support the early healing services for children with developmental delay in Hsinchu City, KYEC sponsors the “Children’s Healing Center for Renovation Project” for National Taiwan University Hospital-Hsinchu Branch launched by “Accton Cultural & Educational Foundation” in the amount of NTD500,000 . National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch established the “Children’s Healing Center Renovation Project” because many children in Hsinchu area are waiting for the treatment scheduled over one year. National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch decided to start raise funds for the renovation of “Children’s Early Healing Center.” Accton Cultural & Educational Foundation invited KYEC to sponsor and to support the center so that children with developmental delay in Hsinchu area could receive healing early during the golden period, providing the biggest opportunity for these children to build and change their life.


  • Other Charity Activities

In response to the rural fundraising with love campaign from Eden Social Welfare Foundation, KYEC collected over 300 books and donated NTD100,000 in donation. To support fruit farmers and share love with them, KYEC participates in the charity sale for tangerines to help the fruit farmers. In response to the “Chinese New Year’s Dinner for Senior’” campaign launched by Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, KYEC raised 160 portions of Chinese New Year’s Dinner for disadvantaged seniors. Moreover, KYEC participated in the 2015 TAIWAN FUND Children and Families-Miaoli Giving a Helping Hand Fair by purchasing 600 fair vouchers and donating all proceeds from the charity sales to TAIWAN FUND Children and Families-Miaoli.