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  1. Words from General Manager


2017 is the 30th anniversary of KYEC’s establishment and at the same time the year full of expectation and challenges. Looking back the initial founding period, KYEC has transformed from plant leasing to becoming the world’s largest professional test factory today. Currently among the top 20 semiconductor plants or the top 25 fabless enterprises in the world, over 70% of them consist of the customers working with KYEC. Over the years, KYEC has uphold to meeting customer demand by creating value for customers and the business philosophy of enhancing shareholders’ rights and interests. KYEC not only deliver distinguished performance but also spares no efforts in the commitment and dedication of corporate social responsibility. Apart from supporting and promoting environmental protection, social welfare and cultural and artistic field. Through dedication and long-term commitment, KYEC intends to become the benchmark for corporate sustainable management through acts of conveying and cultivating corporate social responsibility.


Integrity Management and Everlasting Foundation

To assist KYEC with enhancing and implementing policies on integrity management, KYEC not only develops the “Code of Integrity Management,” “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility Practice,” “Code of Corporate Governance,” and “Code of Ethical Conducts” for compliance but also holds the social responsibility (RBA) general education training courses regularly each year to advocate conducts of ethics and relevant laws of compliance to all personnel. Moreover, KYEC intensifies the improvement tin information disclosure, internal control and financial transparency, and the operation of Board of Directors, including the system audit of internal control, assessment of internal control flaws and efficacy of operation measurement, in order to facilitate the timely supply of improvement suggestions, which all fall into the realization of corporate governance.


Social Charity goes a long way of love

We believe that talents are one of the important assets of KYEC and also the key factors in determining the competitive strength and weakness of the company. Hence, KYEC values the harmonious labor relation, implementation of retirement pension funds system, sponsoring of various employee training course, employee group insurance, and regular health examination. Additionally, KYEC continues to cooperate with the industries and colleges in Taiwan to cultivate professionals for the entry-level and accomplish seamless connection. With regards to community care, KYEC organized and sponsored multiple charity and arts activities in 2017, including the care and assistance for elderly living alone, disadvantaged groups, children in rural area, and agricultural product charity sales. It is the expectation of KYEC to integrate with communities and give specific feedback to the society.


Environmental Protection is an obligation

Upholding to the philosophy of sustainable development, we are committed to the implementation of environmental protection, energy saving, carbon reduction, and resource recycling and reuse. In response to the government policy on energy saving and carbon reduction, KYEC constantly participates in the purchase of green power consumption by Taiwan Power Co., Ltd. each year. This year, KYEC also received the “Green Procurement Excellence Institute” issued by the Executive Yuan Environmental Protection Administration and Miaoli County Government. Additionally, Tung-Luo factory also passed the ISO50001 (energy management system) certification following Chung Hua Factory. Other energy saving projects are ongoing and the profits from recycling is considerable. Over the years, KYEC has conducted zero-pollution emission, while all test results not only conform to the regulation but also making progress in integrating with upstream and downstream suppliers in the state of “green production.”


In response to UN’s launch of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016, enterprises naturally should get involved if they want to pursue sustainable management. KYEC offers test services to the later segment of global semiconducting manufacturing in the supply chain. In celebration of the 30th anniversary, KYEC sets up solid foundation and continue to progress, but we always remembers to fulfill the responsibility of social citizens and build a beautiful future of sustainable development.