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KYEC Group releases this 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report under the guidance of GRI G4 in attempt to disclose the various issues related to corporate social responsibility. CSR Report is now part of the normal operation models among international enterprises, which not only helps the stakeholders to review the company’s actions and objectives more but also exhibits the company’s efforts devoted and achievement attained from corporate governance, environmental protection and social participation. In view of 2015, KYEC Groups has attained revenue growth and scale expansion under the varying changes faced by semiconductor companies worldwide and the challenge of slowing demand. KYEC Group has also acquired orders from international key clients. KYEC continue to progress and unfold to create financial performance and take actions and investments in non-financial dimensions.


  • Towards High-Standard Corporate Governance

A sound and effective operation of corporate governance is unquestionably the only approach to improve corporate competitive advantage and create shareholders’ values. Hence KYEC Group continues to strengthen the operation of Board of the Directors such as establishing the Audit Committee and Salary/Remuneration Committee respectively, with regards to information disclosure, internal control and financial transparency.  Additionally the internal control system will audit and evaluate the deficiency in internal control system and measure the operational efficiency by properly providing suggestions for improvement. The company strictly implements all projects governed by “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies” and develops the “Corporate Governance Principles,” “Integrity Management Principles,” “Codes of Ethical Conducts, “and “Corporate Social Responsibility Best-Practice Principles.” Moreover KYEC also refers to the provisions prescribed in the “Examples for Directions for the Implementation of Continuing Education for Directors and Supervisors of TWSE Listed and TPEx Listed Companies ” promulgated by Taiwan Stock Exchange (Note: KYEC was listed as the top 20 percept enterprises in the First Corporate Governance Evaluation System).


  • Social Participation with Increasing Attention 

KYEC has long been devoted to create mutual benefits for shareholders, employees and clients and pursues the management philosophy of best interests. With regards to the rights and interests of employees, KYEC intends to build a healthy and safe work environment and unobstructed communication channel for employees, where employees are treated with integrity and respect. A complete welfare system will stabilize the life of employees with comprehensive advanced study and training channels that will establish a good relation of mutual trust and dependence.

KYEC continues to strengthen employees’ key competency and implement training for reserve officials while actively conducting industry-university collaboration with schools in Taiwan for more than 8 years now. KYEC has accumulated over 907 people in industry-university collaboration since the implementation, where the company not only fulfills its social responsibility but also cultivates talents with professional skills.

With regards to community participation, KYEC upholds to the philosophy of taking care of the disadvantaged, caring for seniors living alone, participating in community events, enhancing the interaction and connection with the community and neighborhoods, and actively sponsoring county/city government organized charity activities (e.g. adopting the Shennong Project of Wenfeng Elementary School in Tungluo Township and early intervention in children with developmental problems with Hsinchu City) and art activities (e.g. Luo Shi Fong Concert and Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra). KYEC holds charity sales with charity groups in the plant quarterly and spares no effort in the promotion of fundraising for charity groups.


  • Environmental Protection of Inescapable Responsibility

KYEC plays a major role in the back-end technical services of IC industries. Although KYEC has not been involved in incidents of pollution emission during the testing process over the years while all tests conducted are in conformance with the laws and regulations. Nonetheless NYEC does not overlook the prevention of various pollutions.

In view of its 2015 green actions such as energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, KYEC has received considerable effect and external recognition. For example, KYEC participated in 1-million-kWh Green Power Purchasing from Taiwan Power Company, received “Green Building” mark for Tungluo Phase I Plant from the Ministry of Interior Affairs, awarded with the “Carbon Reduction Action Award” from the Executive Yuan EPA, and the plants awarded with the “Healthy Workplace Autonomous Recognition” mark from National Health Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare.

KYEC not only introduces ISO50001 Energy Management System Certification in 2016 but will also take challenge in acquiring green plant marks. Such certification and awards will impel the motives for KYEC to continue promoting green management.

Projecting into 2016, enterprises worldwide still face with many risks and opportunities in the development of sustainability. Additionally in response to the UNFCCC COP21/ (COP21) called at the end of last year, KYEC will continue to infuse environmental changes into the strategies for corporate sustainable development, namely to fully integrate sustainability with corporate development in addition to creating new opportunities.

General Manager