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2016 has been a year of progress for KYEC in terms of excellent performance in revenue and profits, as well as new milestones. Clearly KYEC has received trustworthiness from customers for our advancement in R&D, manufacturing and management. We also continue to acquire the orders from international big companies while establishing KYEC’s preparation for the professional division of labor in testing services and packaging for the global semiconductor back-end process. KYEC fulfills the obligations as a social citizen by giving enthusiastic feedback to the society while pursuing corporate development.


Implementing Corporate Governance

To assist KYEC with the establishing of corporate culture and sound development based on integrity management and provide reference framework for establishing good business practice, KYEC has developed “Code of Integrity Management,” “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility Practice,” “Code of Corporate Governance,” and “Code of Ethical Conducts” for compliance. KYEC continues to strengthen the operations of Board of Directors, regardless in information disclosure, internal control and financial transparency. KYEC also conducts audit, evaluate the flaws of internal control, measure the operational efficiency through internal control system, thereby providing suggestions for improvement at appropriate times.


Maintaining Social Welfare

With regards to employees’ rights, KYEC insists in building a healthy and happy workplace in addition to treating employees with integrity and respect. KYEC establishes an excellent mutual trustworthy relation with employees through complete welfare system stabilizing the life of employees and comprehensive advanced study and training. With regards to social care and feedback, KYEC cooperates with public and private universities in Taiwan (including university of science and technology, National Normal University and vocational colleges) through industry-academia cooperation. After 9 years of implementation, KYEC has accumulated 1,121 people in industry-academia cooperation, fulfilling social responsibilities and developing professionals. Additionally, KYEC constantly participates in community activities to enhance the interaction and connection with the neighborhoods in addition to sponsoring various welfare events with enthusiasm. For example, KYEC has sponsored the 2016 National Disabled Games- organized by the Miaoli County Government, Cai Qin Concert Tour in Taiwan, Hsin Chu Wind Orchestra, adopted the purchase of “Reverse Cavalier” documentary as gifts to rural areas and the second year of Shennong Program in Wenfeng Elementary School, Tong-luo Township…etc. Apart from actual commitment in promoting social welfare and support for arts and sports, KYEC also values the joint creation of co-prosperity with the local government.


Developing Sustainable Environment

The main energy consumption of KYEC comes from purchased power. In particular, the use of processing power accounts for about 40% of total power. In response to global climate change, KYEC started purchasing green power in 2015 with reading reaching 1.75 million kwh and has been awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with “2016 Green Power Mark” and the letter of recognition for green power purchase issued by the Miaoli County Government. We apply integrated energy saving organization structure in energy management to incorporate departments of purchase, sales and quality management. Each week we call the energy management meeting to control the usage of various energies in order to handle anomaly immediately with review for improvement.

KYEC has long upheld to the belief and action in providing unique added-value for the manufacturing supply chain. We constantly impel our company with sustainable motivation to promote green management through external certification and awards application. In 2016, Tong-luo Factory was awarded with the “Green Factory Mark” from the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs while Chu-Nan Factory was also certified by the ISO 50001 energy management system in addition to receiving National Talent Development Awards and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. These awards are recognition that motivate us to constantly engage in innovation at workplace, search for practice that will boost sustainability performance and create an environment of sustainable development.

KYEC Group releases this 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report under the guidance of GRI G4 in attempt to disclose the various issues related to corporate social responsibility. CSR Report is now part of the normal operation models among international enterprises, which not only helps the stakeholders to review the company’s actions and objectives more but also exhibits the company’s efforts devoted and achievement attained from corporate governance, environmental protection and social participation. In view of 2015, KYEC Groups has attained revenue growth and scale expansion under the varying changes faced by semiconductor companies worldwide and the challenge of slowing demand. KYEC Group has also acquired orders from international key clients. KYEC continue to progress and unfold to create financial performance and take actions and investments in non-financial dimensions.


 General Manager