1. Employees’ Rights


KYEC Group upholds to “Appointment based on talents and acquisition of local materials” by providing a diversity of employment channels and emphasizing on local economic prosperity to create more employment opportunities for Hsinchu and Miaoli area on the concept of protection and feedback. KYEC Group selects local employees as the priority. Currently the number of employees from Hsinchu and Miaoli account for 70%.  At the same time, we firmly believe that the outstanding employees are the key assets of KYEC Group and hence we are committed in providing recruitment process in compliance with regulatory standards and based on the maintenance of human rights. Hence KYEC Group does not hire child labor and will not have preferential treatment due to race, social ranking, nationality, religion, disease, sexual orientation, union qualification, political party, or age. KYEC Group also emphasizes on the versatile educational training system, safe and humanistic workplace environment, competitive salary welfare system and public promotion channels, employees’ physical and mental health by promoting health to assure the physical and mental state of employees are health. In addition to establishing special physician and cooperating with the psychologists of large hospitals for factory-visit services, the company also establishes “Employee Care Network” to allow employees to relax physically and mentally through a diversity of activity designs or to through proper entertainment. The above complete “selection, incubation, appointment, and retention” related human resource management policies drive employees to bring their talents into full play and to cooperate with KYEC Group hand in hand and to create win-win situation in the future.


KYEC Group introduced Electronics Industry Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC) in 2010. The conduct consists of five parts, including labor, health and safety, environment, corporate morals, and management system. The company completely complies with the regulations and ordinance of the country and area of business operation as well as EICC. KYEC also requests the suppliers to understand the to implement the conducts in order to assure that the company and suppliers will offer safe work environment with respect and dignity for the workers in addition to making commitment for the company to fulfill environmental responsibility in management and abide by moral conducts.