King long Technology (Suzhou) Limited (KLT), founded in July, 2002, is the only testing subsidiary of King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd (KYEC) in China; KYEC is the largest semiconductor testing company in the world. KLT is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park. The factories cover an area of 44,561 square meters, within which the area of clean rooms is 10,223 square meters. The monthly wafer probing capacity is 60 thousand chips, and the monthly final test capacity is 60 million.

The services provided by KLT include wafer probing, final test, wafer grinding,dicing, and pick-and-place services. The product line covers memory, logic and mixed-signal products, system on a chip, contact image sensors, charge coupled devices, LCD drivers, and radio frequency and wireless products. The total number of testing machines exceeds 300. In addition, the testing scale for driver IC and eFlash has achieved a leading status in China.

Because the global semiconductor industry chain has gradually moved to China, KLT serves as the production and sales base for the King Yuan Group in China. Based on its proximity, KLT provides services for the Mainland Chinese market and is supported by its parent company, KYEC. Following several years of efforts, KLT has achieved stable mass production. Moreover, KLT possesses the advantages of large-scale testing capacity, superior customization for components of testing machines, and satisfactory maintenance capability for accessories, sufficiently meeting the need for promptness regarding the sale of consumer products.