Suzhou Zhen Kun Technology Ltd. (ZKT), founded in December 2005 and located in Suzhou Industrial Park in China, is a member of KYEC, which is the largest semiconductor testing company in the world.    

The factories of ZKT cover an area of 44,561 square meters, within which clean rooms accounts for an area of 4,078 square meters. ZKT provides semiconductor packaging services for products including small outline packages (SOPs), thin small outline packages (TSOPs), complementary metal-oxide semiconductor sensors, quad flat no-lead (QFN) packages, land grid arrays (LGAs), single inline packages (SIPs), ball grid arrays (BGAs), and memory cards. In particular, the monthly packaging capacity of memory cards (i.e., Micro SD cards and USB disk in package (UDP)) has increased to 8 million cards. Moreover, since 2009, ZKT has actively deployed a product line mobile payment cards (i.e., SIM cards and Micro SD cards). Currently, ZKT has assumed a leading status in the technology industry in China.         

By cooperating with KLT, ZKT provides the a one-stop shopping solution for customers in China to meet their product testing and packaging needs. ZKT offers customers satisfying quality, delivery times, engineering support and techniques, as well as competitive prices, and has thus become the leading company in China.