KYEC is led by a very experienced executive management team, who have brought the company to where it is today and have a clear and distinct vision of where the company is going. These management team profiles offer an insight into the people behind KYEC.

  • C.K. Lee
    Founder & Chairman & CEO

    C.K. Lee is the chairman of KYEC who has contributed greatly to KYEC’s continual growth. Lee served as the president of KYEC in 1991 until 1998, when he became the company’s chairman, a position he continues to hold today. Prior to assuming the position of chairman, Lee served as a manufacturing manager at UMC. Over the years, he has gained extensive practical experience in the semiconductor industry.

  • A.H. Liu

    A.H. Liu became the president of KYEC in 2012. He had previously served as vice president of KYEC’s manufacturing center between 2000 and 2006. However, he resigned from his position at KYEC to focus on the development of the LED industry, serving as vice president at Everlight Electronics and as president at Intematix Technology Center. Liu has more than 10 years of operational and management experience in the semiconductor industry.


  • Gauss Chang
    Executive Vice President

    Gauss Chang is responsible for strategic planning, market development, and sales as the senior vice president of operations at KYEC. He had already accumulated nearly 11 years of operations, marketing, and project management experience when he joined KYEC in 2000. Previously, Chang had served as a manager at Winbond, where he was in charge of IDM sales.

  • K.K. Lee
    Senior Vice President

    K.K. Lee joined KYEC as the vice president of administration in November 2008. He is responsible for processes related to human resources, materials, information engineering, and factory operations.
    Lee previously worked for UMC for nearly 22 years, where he gained extensive experience in production planning, procurement, materials, and global logistics management. While at UMC, Lee received considerable praise as a worker and manager.

  • Steven Chang
    Senior Vice President

    Steven Chang joined KYEC in 1998. He currently serves as vice president of the KYEC Research and Development Center.

    Chang specializes in testing and integrated circuits. He is skilled at electronic system design and planning and promoting digital and analog circuit designs. He has led the R&D team at KYEC for more than 10 years, gaining outstanding achievements in system integration, test equipment development, and mechatronics.

  • Andy Liang
    Vice President

    Andy Liang joined KYEC in 1999. Currently as vice president of the manufacturing center. Andy Liang specializes in the production of semiconductor test and manufacturing fields. Good at  factory management, production planning, production process control, innovation and development equipment automatic production processes. More than ten years implement the OMS system in Wafer Sorting and FT EAC/EAP equipment automated system to enhance production performance successful experienced.