• Mission   

    We are dedicated to be the best–in-class Semiconductor Back End Service partner by continuous investment in our people, capabilities, and capacities such that our business partners will receive superior value of the highest quality, competitive cost, faster speed, and maximum flexibility.

  • Vision The World Leading Semiconductor Test Service and Technology Company.  
  • Value Performance It is essential for our employees to contribute to the company by setting aggressive goals to achieve Higher quality, Lower cost, Faster speed and Enhanced customer satisfaction. Innovation Doing the best is not enough to demonstrate our efforts - continuous improvement and offering innovative solutions, has become our nature of work behavior to provide our customers with the satisfactory quality of manufacturing services. Excellence We work hard to finish the tasks, positively accept the challenge of the job, continue improving and pursuing the higher achievement, and also have the company reach to the excellence with great performance. Sharing We are willing to share all the knowledge, skills and experiences with others. The company and customers can share and grow together by exchanging the information and return. This can make the most of the company resourcing.